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Perhaps no other animal is as glorified in the East as the Elephant. Consequently, elephant statues and sculpture play a significant role in Asian décor.

As the largest creature to walk the earth, the elephant is seen as a symbol of strength and power. It is an extremely hard working animal that is revered in countries like Thailand that have made it one of their national symbols. Unlike many members of the animal kingdom, the elephant is blessed with super intelligence and a very long life span. Because of this, it has become a symbol for wisdom and dignity.

In the East, the elephant was historically used to carry princes and noblemen and became associated with status and foresight. Many elephant statues, therefore take on a very royal flare. In Buddhism, the white elephant symbolizes patience and wisdom while the Chinese see the elephant as a symbol of energy, strength, and power. Even in the US, the elephant can take on some unique symbolism as the symbol for the Republican party.

Elephant statues are often viewed as a source of luck and good fortune especially those with raised trunks.

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