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Shop our religious statues for the Christian faith come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and price ranges. Whether you are looking to decorate a church or simply add a statue to your garden, we have one of the largest selections in the world from which to choose. You will find numerous statues of the Virgin Mary sculptures and Jesus garden statuary, but our collection also contains reproductions of famous Michelangelo sculpture like The Creation of Adam, The Pieta, and Moses. We also have pieces representing Leonardo de Vinci’s depiction of the Last Supper. On a more modern note, there are works like Auguste Rodin The Hand of God.
  Crosses and Crucifixes
This gallery represents some of the best quality decorative sculptural crucifix, sculpted spiritual crosses, crucifixes four way crosses, Saint Benedict cross, crucifix statuary and sculpted Catholic and Christian wall hangings.
Crosses and Crucifixes Sculptures and Decor Collection
Our timeless grotto's creates an instant, "destination spot" for meditation or your backyard shrine. If you need a grotto for your classical statue or looking for a statue and grotto set on this is the place. Grotto's for traditional sculpture, Religious statues, Saint Statue and more...
Grottos and European-style Grotto Collection
  Holy Family and Nativity
We carry a large selection of Christian and Catholic Nativity sets and Holy Family sculpture, statues and figurines in this gallery of fine art statuary. These sculptures depict the Holy Family and Nativity scene.
Holy Family Sculptures and Nativity Statuary
  Jesus, Christ, Sacred Heart
Jesus statues are an ideal way to honor the son of God. Our selection of Jesus sculptures are heirloom quality of indoor or outdoor garden statuary and come in a wide variety of sizes depicting a number of different qualities and aspects of his life.
Jesus Statues, Christ Sculptures, Sacred Heart Jesus Gallery
  Life-size Religious
The crowning glory of any home or garden, this gracious statue will offer tranquil beauty for generations. Our life-size religious feature Our Lady, Jesus and many Saints in our vast collection of Life-Sized religious sculptures. Shop our on-line collection of life size statuary.
Life-size Religious Sculpture -  Life-size Catholic Statuary
  Mary, Madonna, Our Lady
Virgin Mary and Our Lady statues represent one of the largest and most popular styles of statues within our religious statue gallery. As the mother of Christ and the most holy lady, the Madonna serves as a symbol of goodness and purity and is universally popular as sign of inspiration in people’s homes and gardens.
Virgin Mary Statues, Our Lady Sculptures, Madonna Figurines
  Other Religious
Catholic statues offer a special way for those of the catholic faith to celebrate the lives and acts of Jesus, Mary, and the number of saints that helped establish the church. Although, the use of statues has come under criticism over the centuries, Catholic doctrine confirms that the use of statues is not a form of Iconoclasm. Rather catholic statues offer a method for honoring these people as well as images that portray the example that Catholics should follow.
Other Religious.jpg
One of our most popular items is a reproduction of The Pieta by Michelangelo. This piece which depicts the Virgin Mary holding the body of her son Jesus Christ after his death is one of the most famous statues in the world. offers many different sizes and materials of the Pieta sculpture.
  Religious Wall Decor
Religious Sculptural Wall Decor by . You will find numerous Frieze statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, but our collection also contains reproductions of famous religious plaques like The Creation of Adam, The Pieta and Moses. Many other Religious wall friezes, religious wall plaque, Saint wall reliefs are available here.
Religious Wall Decor.jpg
In the Saint statues category of our Religious Gallery, you will find a large selection of Catholic saints and Patron Saints statues including Saint Francis, Saint Joseph, Saint Michael, Saint Anthony, and Saint Fiacre the Patron saint of gardeners and many other sculptures of Patron Saints.
Saints Statues and Patron Garden Sculptures Collection
Some of the best made bronze, brass and other Tabernacles can be found in the gallery.
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