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Sports and Athletes
Shop our vast collection of sport statues, sculptures,figurines, gifts, awards, trophies, life-size statuary and sport home and garden decor. This gallery features hundred of athletes from baseball to the discus thrower. Great for Trophies Awards for teams or just your own piece of art of your favorite sport. Also makes a wonderful gift for the sport lover. With eleven sub-categories of sports sculptures, you can refine your search to favorite sport.
Baseball Statues and Sculpture for sale at One of America's most beloved sports. Find here our collection of sculptural representations of the players and the action of the game. Garden baseball players,life-size bronze sculptures, to baseball game statue awards or trophies.
Baseball Sculptures and Statue Sport Collection
Basketball sculptures and statues for sale. One of America's most beloved sports. Find here our collection of sculptural representations of the players and the action of the game.
Basketball Statues and Sculpture Collection
Billiards Statue and Pool table Sculptural Accessories
Billiard Sports Sculptures and Pool Table Accessories
Football and Footballs Sport Sculptures and statue accessories for sale here at our gallery depicting players and football related items.
Football Sport Sculptures and Fooball Statues Collection
Golf sculptures, statue, and golf gift items. From historic to contemporary golfer statues, there are styles to meet any decorating need for the golf aficionado.
Golf Statues, Golfer Sculptures and Golf Gifts Statuary
Here are all of the hockey sculptures, statue, figurines, statuettes for sale of a Fine Art America sport.
Hockey Players Sculptures and Hockey Sport Statues
  Other Sports
Other Sport Sculptures - If you do not see your sport statue this gallery will have the sports sculpture you are looking for. If you do not see it call and ask and we will locate it if possible.
Other Sports.jpg
This majestic fisherman, hunters and outdoors man or woman sculptural trophies makes a unique accent for your home, office or study.
This gallery you will find Roller bladers and Skateboard bronze sculptures. New to the world of sport and hard to find statues.
Skateboard Sculptures and Bronze Skateboarding Statues
Soccer Statues, Sculptures, Soccer Sculptural Awards and Trophies for Sale.
Soccer Player Statues and Soccer Sport Sculptures
Paying homage to the elite athletes of tennis, our Tennis athlete sculptures showcases sculptural detail in quality designer resin, to gallery bronzes.
Tennis Sculptures, Tennis Statues and Tennis Sport Statuary
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