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Animal Statues and Wildlife Sculptures
Shop our collection of Animal Statues and Wildlife Sculptures. With twenty six sub-categories of Animal Statues and Wildlife Sculptures, you can refine your search to favorite garden animal. is proud to offer a large selection of plaster, bronze, and marble busts in our bust gallery. Sculptural images of fauna, animals and wildlife statues date back to the dawn of recorded history and offers copious galleries devoted to statues of animals, among the largest collections assembled on the Internet from tabletop to Life-size, from fine art to garden statuary. Delight friends and family in your garden, pool or patio with our outdoor animal statues, along with our indoor collection of Animal and Wildlife Sculptures. From Apes to Zebras can be found here. Our sculptures of Animal figurines are offer in many different materials such as bronze, brass, cast stone, resin, marble, wood, metal, and other mixed materials.
Bears, Cubs and Grizzly Sculptures.
Bears Sculptures and Bear Statues Gallery
Birds and Fine Feathered Friends Statuary and Sculptures.
Bird Statues and Bird Sculptures Collection
  Busts of Animals
Busts of Animals and Wildlife Portraits fine art Sculptures and Statues.
Busts of Animals Sculptural Portraits Collection
  Call of the Wild Collection
Call of the Wild Collection Animal Garden Statues.
Call of the Wild Garden Statues and Animal Sculptures
  Cats and Kittens
Cats Statues and Kitten Sculptures.
Cat Statues and Cat Sculptures
  Cows and Cow Parade
Cow and Cow Parade Sculptures, gifts, jewelery boxes and garden statues.
Cow Sculpture and Cow Parade Statues and Decor Collection
  Deer, Moose, Antlered Mammals
Deer, Moose, and Common Antlered Mammals Garden Statues and Sculptures.
Deer Sculptures and Antlered Mammals Statues Collection
Dinosaur sculptures & Dinosaur Fossils statuary
Dinosaur Statues and Dinosaurs Sculptures Collection
  Dogs and Puppies
Dogs Sculptures and Puppy Statues
Dog Statues and Puppy Sculptures Life-Size Breeds Collection
  Dolphins, Seals, Whales, Sharks
Dolphins, Seals,Whales and Sharks
Dolphin Statues, Seal Sculptures, Whales & Shark Figurines
  Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos
Elephants, Rhinos and Hippos
Elephant Sculptures, Rhino Statues and Hippos Statuary
Fish Sculptures and Statuary of Aquatic Decor for the home or garden.
Fish Sculptures and Fish Fine Art Statues
  Foxes and Wolves
Foxes and Wolves
Fox Statues and Wolf Sculptures and Garden Statuary
  Frogs and Toads
Frogs and Toads Sculptures
Frog Statues and Toad Sculptures Collection of Statuary
  Giraffes and Camels
Giraffes, Camels, Antelope & Gazelle
Giraffes Sculptures and Camel Statues Statuary Collection
Horses statues, sculptures, figurine, gift and horse home decor statuary.
Horse Sculpture, Horse Statues and Horse Statuary
  Lions, Tigers, Wildcats
Lions statues, Tigers sculpture and Wildcats statuary.
Lions Sculptures, Tigers Statues and Wildcats Statuary
  Monkeys and Apes
Monkey and Apes
Monkey Statues and Ape Statuary Collection
  Other Animals
Other Animals
Other Animals.jpg
  Pet Dishes and Accessories
Pet Dishes and Accessories
Pet Dishes and Accessories.jpg
  Pet Memorials
Pet Memorials and Pet Markers 
Pet Memorials.jpg
  Pigs, Hedgehogs, Groundhogs
Pigs, Hedgehogs, & Groundhogs
Pigs, Hedgehogs and Groundhogs.jpg
Rabbits and Bunnies
Mice, Mouses and other Rodents
  Squirrels, Chipmunks, Raccoons
Squirrels Statues, Chipmunks Sculptures, Racoons Statuary.
Squirrels Statues, Chipmunks Sculptures, Racoons Statuary
  Turtles, Alligators, Lizards, Snails
Turtles, Alligators, Lizards, Snails
Turtles Statues, Alligators Sculptures, Lizards and Snails
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