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Mission Statement

Our mission is simple. We wish to share our passion for "art-in-the-round" by making sculpture and related statuary products available to everyone. We wish to share with our patrons the knowledge and skills afforded us through experience to offer advice and help you acquire the perfect statue to suit your needs. Maybe you want a simple accent for an existing decor, or are considering a substantial renovation requiring a major installation, we are here for you. Whether you are looking for a particular piece to complement an established collection, just need something special to fill a niche, or are looking for a whole new look for your home, garden or office, we are willing and able to assist you in your pursuit.


Founded in 1996, Statue.com is the first and the largest online retail resource for statuary, offering a collection in excess of 3000 pieces in our first year. Gloria Orlandi as a business woman founded Statue.com that had a heritage in the statuary business. Gloria has since evolved to represent several statuaries, manufacturers and suppliers of both domestically made and imported pieces, of varied statuary and related products and services. Now with a worldwide stage on which to perform, more players were needed to keep on with the show. Gloria began bringing more people and family into the business, each with unique skills and backgrounds, and all committed to providing our suppliers and customers with the best service possible. Our reputation for fine customer service that we had built through that first experience has served us well, both in maintaining and growing a customer base and in attracting new statuaries, manufacturers and suppliers to work with us. We take great pride in the personal attention we try to give each of our customers, and the service we gratefully provide for all of our suppliers. This has been a priority and commitment throughout our history. In all our business relationships, our experience ensures confidence with any product or service from Statue.com.

Vision Statement, goals for our future

Statue.com will strive to stand out as the one source, the first choice, for anyone looking to purchase statuary products or services, and for any supplier, importer or manufacturer looking for the best, most effective means of marketing statuary products or services. We are and will remain committed to providing the best service and personal attention possible to our customers. We are and will continue seeking and researching more and varied sources and suppliers of the world's finest statuary in order to maintain our ability to offer the best and most diverse collections available to our customers. We are and will consistently add to and improve our web site, ever increasing our collections and our ability to make your experience with Statue.com satisfying and rewarding. We will continue our efforts to have anyone who deals in anyway with Statue.com feel as though they are personally important to us, that their needs will be met to the best of our ability and that their satisfaction will be guaranteed with each product or service we provide, or we will make the necessary amends to ensure they will choose us again.

Meet Our Team

Gloria Orlandi- President

Anne Millman- Director of Sales

Josh Schlueter- Sales Manager