Egyptian Bastet Cat Statue with Jewelry

Size: 12.25" High
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: 2 business days
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Picture Finish: As Shown
Shipping Cost: $14.95


The Goddess Bastet, also known as Bast, stands as a symbol of enduring reverence in ancient Egyptian history. Crafted from designer resin and meticulously hand-painted in rich bronze with colored highlights, this statue exudes an aura of both grace and power. Bastet, daughter of the sun god Ra, wife of Ptah, and mother of Mihos, holds a multifaceted significance. She is the cherished protectress of women, children, and cats, as well as those who nurture them. Bastet's dominion extends to the realms of sunrise, music, dance, pleasure, family, fertility, and birth. Her dual nature, combining docility and ferocity, is masterfully represented. As a domesticated cat, she embodies protection for homes and expectant mothers, while her fierce lioness aspect symbolizes her role as a warrior defeating foes in battles for the pharaoh. In ancient Egypt, Bastet was the beloved guardian to whom people turned for protection and blessings, and her enduring legacy endures to this day.