Bull Dog Mascot - Spike Canine Bulldog

Size: 67" W X 56" D X 50" H
Weight: 670 lbs
Casting Medium: Bronze/Brass
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: Please call for estimate
Availability: Please call for estimate
Picture Finish: Bronze Patina
Shipping Cost: $612


Once a formidable fighting machine, the bulldog is now bred to be as loving and gentle a creature as any of man’s best friends. This massive fighting bulldog as a school mascot or in your front lawn shows this beast as a fighter. This is a LARGE SPIKE Bulldog in a awesome pose, it would make a great addition to any school or organization that has a bulldog as a mascot. Call to see if in stock or availability. 670 pounds so you may need a crew to help delivery of this massive Bulldog and a fork lift.