Blue Flutist By Hieronymus Bosch Sculpture

Size: 2 In. X 3 In. X 4 In.
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
Safe for Outdoor Use: No
Shipping Lead Time: 2 business days
Availability: In Stock
Picture Finish: Hand Painted
Shipping Cost: $14.95


This sculpture adaptation replica of the Blue Flutist from famed artist Bosch called the Last Judgement appears on the left hand side on the middle panel of the triptych. He is a cheerful blue creature which adds luster with his music to the horrifying spectacle. He symbolizes the lawlessness, ending in many not being admitted to heaven on Judgement Day.  It is an astounding creation in three dimensional of Bosch famous painting of the figure from the Northern Renaissance.