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 We offer the most complete collection of garden statues, sculptures, statuary, fountains, home decor, and custom sculpture services available.   We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience here at!

Featured Products
Joli Square Modern Garden Fountain
Joli Square Flowing Garden Fountain with Pool Modern Styling
Enjoy the pleasant sound of this outdoor fountain and view the style from far away of this modern square shaped Joli garden fountain. You can turn the water on high or low, whatever best suits you. Another original piece in this collection, the Joli gives great water flow when adding river rock on the top of the piece.
Price: $1,190.00
Blessed Mother Mary Sculpture Hand Painted 17.75" H
Blessed Mother Mary Sculpture Hand Detailed
Blessed Mother Mary Garden Sculpture:  One of the finest Mother Mary Statues made in the USA by Italian artisans. Finished in Detailed Stain which is hand painted. Wonderful for indoor and outdoor garden use. Very durable and finish will not fade.
Price: $172.00
Huck Finn Boy Fishing Garden Bronze Statue
Huck Finn Boy Fishing Garden Bronze sculpture
Huck Finn Boy Fishing Cast Bronze Garden Statue cast in the traditional lost wax bronze method.This young angler is dreaming about the catch of the day as he wiles away a beautiful day near your pool, pond, lawn or patio. With charming detail from brimmed hat to waders, our impressive, 360-degree, over two foot tall bronze fisherman statue is expertly finished with a hand-applied, classic sepia bronze patina accented by an antiqued emerald verde patina.
Price: $1,490.00
The Kiss By August Rodin Marble Statue
Kiss by Rodin Marble Sculpture
The Kiss By August Rodin Statue is one of Rodin's most famous sculptures.  This wonderful sculpture is made of alabaster dust mixed with a durable binding compound, each detail is finished with care by the artisans of Italy's Egregia Workshop. Mounted on a solid alabaster base.
Price: $122.00
David Bust By Michelangelo Large Statue
David Bust Sculptural Portrait Marble by Michelangelo Replica
While art students have long studied the beauty of the David's face, few works have been as thoroughly revered as this wonderful sculpted David Bust. Cast in the finest quality alabater dust, each detail is finished with care by the artisans of Italy's Egregia workshop.
Price: $198.00
Floral Seat Petite Garden Bench 29" Long
Floral Seat Petite Garden Outdoor Cement Bench
Floral Seat Petite Garden Bench has a gently curved bench top, this elegant, versatile bench will be one of the most functional pieces in your garden statuary! Comes with a choice of colors to best suite your decorating style.  In the entryway, or set in your garden or even in the garden room, this is an accent bench that's sure to become a family heirloom.
Price: $212.00
Bear Beverage Tub or Decorative Bowl Sculpture
Bear Beverage Tub or Decorative Bowl Sculpture
Looking for a bear sculpture that serves as art as well as function. This wonderful representation of a bear was created as a beverage tub or decorative bowl. Made of a durable aluminium and finished one at a time.
Price: $364.00
Blessed Mother Mary Life-size on Pedestal
Blessed Mother Mary Life-size on Pedestal
Blessed Mother Mary Life-size With Pedestal - Mary stands with her arms stretched out blessing us as she stands over the serpent at her feet. Cast in quality Cast Stone by our artisans in the USA, our awe-inspiring seven-foot tall work is hand-painted with exquisite detail, a wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one or for your Memorial Garden.
Price: $2,211.00
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Bust 13" High
Mozart Bust Marble Composer Statue Sculptural Portrait High-End
The figurines are composed of alabaster dust mixed with a durable binding compound, each detail is finished with care by the artisans of Italy's Egregia Workshop. Mounted on a solid alabaster base. Is a exclusive sculpture and a must for Mozart or composers lovers.
Price: $170.00
Blind Lady Justice Statue 12.5" High
Famous Blind Lady Justice with Scales Greek Goddess Statue
During the 16th century, artists began to depict her as blindfolded to show that justice will not be subject to influence. From this, the statue became also known as Blind Justice. Made of designer resin this sculpture will make a great table or desktop representation of the Blind Justice.
Price: $56.95
Apollo & Diana Bust Sculpture Set
Apollo & Diana Sculptura Bust Pair marble
Apollo and Diana busts set of Greek and Roman God and goddess. These are a Perfect Pair either of these statues stands alone as a thing of beauty but several characteristics contribute in making them an ideal pair. Perhaps the most important of these characteristics is the similarity of style. That similarity is not coincidental since both were done by the same sculptor.
Price: $340.00
Fallen Soldier War Memorial Sculpture
Fallen Soldier War Memorial Statue Bronze Veteran Outdoor monument
New fallen soldier War Memorial for Veterans memorial. This soldier knees down with rifle and helmet used by soldiers to memorialize and remember fallen comrades in arms. 
Price: $11,900.00
Thinker By Rodin Sculpture On Black Base
Thinker by Rodin Statue on black base
The Thinker Statue by August Rodin makes a perfect gift, awards and throphies. The Thinker  is part of August Rodin's major work, gate to hell. This reproduction was made from the heroic size bronze original art at the Baltimore Museum of Art.
Price: $138.70
Classical Large Four Tier Leaf Fountain 51" H
Classical Garden Art A Large Four Tier Leaf Fountain
Replicating the classical styling of large four tiered leaf fountains, often seen at traditional homes, this is the perfect fountain for your garden courtyard. Ready to install with easy-to-follow instructions, this heavyweight fountain is engineered for proper water flow with an indoor/outdoor UL-listed pump that uses normal household current. 
Price: $1,383.00
April Showers Fountain
April showers fountain traditional two children under umbrella by Henri
This charming fountain is sculpted with refined detail and playful elegance. Water cascades down the umbrella in the traditional presentation, easily enhanced with spray ring for a more lively look. Henri's April Showers fountain is a light hearted creation, glistening with the spirit of Spring. Hand poured and finished with pride by using Old World techniques, this is one of the most meticulously crafted, hand cast stone fountains available.
Price: $1,703.99