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 We offer the most complete collection of garden statues, sculptures, statuary, fountains, home decor, and custom sculpture services available.   We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience here at!

Looking for something you can't find? Please don't hestiate to give us a call toll-free at 877-675-2634. Tip: Henri Statues and Fountains are very durable but over time they may get scratched or dinged. To camouflage minor dings, nicks and scratches, use just a dab of almost any sort of paint. For finishes that employ a black antique effect, use black paint; for lighter antiques, use white. Simply dab the paint onto the scratch, and wipe off the excess. The textured finishes of Henri concrete products “accept” paint easily, and your touch-up will blend in invisibly.

Featured Products
Lolita Standing Nude Sculpture
Lolita Standing Statue

Lolita Standing Nude Sculpture this figurine is composed of alabaster dust mixed with a durable binding compound, each detail is finished with care by the artisans of Italy's Egregia Workshop. Mounted on a solid alabaster base. In Vladimir Nabokov's 1958 novel of the same name, Lolita Haze became the obsession of the middle aged professor,Humbert.

Price: $186.00
A Gothic Sentinel Gargoyle Garden Sculpture
A Gothic Sentinel Gargoyle Garden Sculpture
A Gothic Sentinel Gargoyle With bat like wings, threatening jaw and flared nostrils, our Gothic sentinel is ready to pounce on unsuspecting predators to your home or garden!
Price: $198.00
Grand Sitting Lion Cement Statue
Grand Sitting Lion Cement Sculpture Large Decor
Purchase our Grand Sitting Lion Garden Sculpture is sweeping grandeur of Italian estates is yours when you welcome the sophisticated, architectural drama of our large lion statue to your home or garden. Proudly seated with a regal powerfully muscular icon will lend quiet strength and courage whether flanking an entryway or standing sentinel near a garden gate. Unparalleled as classic art, our enviable, quality cast stone, is a wonderful sculpture is a study in affordable elegance. Comes in an array of color choices to best suit your taste.
Price: $1,461.80
Our Lady Of The Lourdes Life Size Cement Garden Statue
Colored Our Lady Of Lourdes Religious Statuary Life-size
This life-size religious sculpture of Our Lady of the Lourdes in a detailed coloring and made of cement in the USA. The Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in southern France is the most visited pilgrimage site in the world, principally because of the apparent healing properties of the waters of the spring that appeared during the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to a poor, fourteen-year-old girl, Bernadette Soubiroux.
Price: $1,546.00
Lion Three Tier Large Fountain
Lion Spouting Three Tier Large Fountain
This large fountain features spouting lion reliefs that are piped for water flow. This detailed and elegant three tier fountain comes ready to install with pump and tubing and easy set up instructions. American made of durable cement and hand finished in a color you choose. Make this fountain the grand centerpiece of your garden oasis.
Price: $3,798.00
Diana & Apollo Life Size Sculptures Set On Pedestal
Diana & Apollo Life Size Statues Set On Pedestal
Diana and Apollo life-size set includes both bases. Diana and Apollo are shown as the Goddess of Hunt and God of Hunt. Are also know for beauty. These classic composition of muscled warrior and the warrior woman powerful gods. Great as this set they look at each other for flanking your entry way.
Price: $3,780.00
Theodore Roosevelt Bust Statue
Theodore Roosevelt Bust Teddy Portrait Sculpture Theodore Roosevelt Bust is a quality gift for that historian or patriot in your life, own your Portraiture bust of Teddy that we have for sale.
Price: $95.00
Bull Terrior with Spot Dog Statue
Bull Terrior with Spot Dog Sculpture by Sandicast
Our adorable Bull Terrier statue has been sculpted we great detail and hand painted with the realism of this dog breed. This fun-loving puppy dog statue is sculpted 360 degrees so you can even see his wagging tail! Our hand-painted, quality designer resin Sandicast exclusive Bull Terrier dog figurine will make a great gift for anyone who could use a truly loyal companion or possesses the Bull Terrier spirit!
Price: $79.95
Garden Trellis Fairy the Metal Tempest Sculpture
Garden Trellis Fairy the Metal Tempest Statue Artwork Decor
Garden Trellis Fairy the Metal Tempest Sculpture. Place our mythical, almost 4-foot-tall, leafy winged fairy sprite atop a flowerbed or over a pot of climbing vines and watch this 19th century Victorian-style enchantress's canopied pixie skirt grow into an arbor that flourishes with fantasy charm! Our serpentine design is hand-crafted of ornamental metal with a soft, grayed verdigris finish to meld imagination and impish inspiration beautifully into the spirit of your tranquil garden. A gift of joy for any gardener!
Price: $189.00
Column Volterra Fountain on six foot Hexagon Pool
Column Volterra Fountain Large Hexagon Pool
Volterra Column Fountain on six foot Hexagon Pool make a grand statement in your courtyard. This large scale Volterra spills water from each portal into a large pool. Made of the best quantity cast stone and comes in an array of color choice.
Price: $5,194.00
David Bust By Michelangelo Large Statue
David Bust Sculptural Portrait Marble by Michelangelo Replica
While art students have long studied the beauty of the David's face, few works have been as thoroughly revered as this wonderful sculpted David Bust. Cast in the finest quality alabater dust, each detail is finished with care by the artisans of Italy's Egregia workshop.
Price: $198.00
Santa Claus Christmas Sculpture Cement
Santa Claus Christmas Statue Cement Outdoor Display Concrete
Position our Saint Nicholas statue near your fireplace, Christmas tree or front window or in the outdoor entry of your home to cheerfully remind holiday merrymakers that gift-giving season is in full swing! Our Santa Claus statue has been sculpted with amazing detail from full beard to belt buckle boots exclusively for, then cast in quality cast stone and hand-painted in holiday hues of detailed stain. You will love everything from his warm welcome wave and fur trimmed suit to that jolly Old St. Nick belly! Base width is 15.75 x base depth is 10.75.
Price: $454.00
Thinker By Rodin Sculpture On Black Base
Thinker by Rodin Statue on black base
The Thinker Statue by August Rodin makes a perfect gift, awards and throphies. The Thinker  is part of August Rodin's major work, gate to hell. This reproduction was made from the heroic size bronze original art at the Baltimore Museum of Art.
Price: $125.00
Big Buddha Sculpture Giant Buddha Monument
Buddha Sculpture Giant Garden Buddha Monument Statue
Our largest Buddha of the Collection of Buddha Statuary! The Big Buddha is big at six and a half feet tall. Beautifully sculpted, will make a great centerpiece for the home or garden. Add a tranquil touch of Asia to your own garden oasis with a true larger than life statement piece of the most elegant proportions! Designed to dramatically dominate the landscape, this contemplative Buddha is cast in quality cast stone and you can choose a finish which suit you best. Our monument-sized Buddha Sculpture will lend an almost overwhelmingly mystic serenity to any spot of quiet meditation.
Price: $2,599.00
Beethoven Bust Marble Statue
Beethoven Bust Marble Statue Made in Italy
This 13" bonded marble bust imported from Italy is just one of the many exquisite sculptures of famous composers in our collection.
Price: $170.00