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 We offer the most complete collection of garden statues, sculptures, statuary, fountains, home decor, and custom sculpture services available.   We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience here at!

Featured Products
Two Tier Boca Hexagon Garden Fountain on Pool
Two Tier Boca Hexagon Garden Fountain on Pool Decor
Create a setting in your garden with this unique two tiered Boca Hexagon fountain on large pool for a fantastic water display. Enjoy the soft shimmer and sensuous tone of the splashing water as this two tiered Boca hexagon water fountain takes its place as a magnificent centerpiece of your garden. 
Price: $1,193.40
Joli Square Modern Garden Fountain
Joli Square Flowing Garden Fountain with Pool Modern Styling
Enjoy the noise of this outdoor fountain and view the style from far away of this modern square shaped Joli garden fountain. You can turn the water on high or low, whatever best suits you. Another original piece in this collection, the Joli gives great water flow when adding river rock on the top of the piece.
Price: $1,090.00
Theodore Roosevelt Bust Statue
Theodore Roosevelt Bust Teddy Portrait Sculpture Theodore Roosevelt Bust is a quality gift for that historian or patriot in your life, own your Portraiture bust of Teddy that we have for sale.
Price: $98.00
Our Lady of Grace Life-Size Statue Indoors Use
Our Lady of Grace Life-Size Statue Indoors Use Church Decorating
Our highly detailed hand painted Our Lady of Grace Life-Size statue indoors use, will be the crowning glory of your Church or meditation space. Made of durable resin and will stand the test of time indoors only.
Price: $1,399.00
George Washington Bust 24"
George Washington Bust Life-size sculpture by Houdon
George Washington Bust Reproduction sculptural statue by sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon. In 1784, the Congress of Virginia passed a resolution to have a statue of President Washington made for the State Capitol.
Price: $379.00
Grecian Woman Plumbed Rebecca Garden Statue
Greek Woman Piped for Water Rebecca Garden Statue
This is the water feature of Rebecca and has two ways for for water to flow from the top of the urn on her shoulder to the other vase she holds in her hand. Has a clamp to turn either one on or off depending how you wish to have the water flow or just leave them both on for a sympathy of water flow. The tubing size is 1/2 in 2 places.
Price: $698.40
Tranquility Fountain 49.25" High
Four Tiered Tranquility Fountain on Simple Pedestal
This show stopper fountain which is four tiered tranquility on modern pedestal is poured and finished with pride by using Old World techniques. Our fountain are the most meticulously crafted water garden fountain made in the world. Ready to install with easy-to-follow instructions, this heavyweight fountain is engineered for proper water flow with an indoor/outdoor UL-listed pump that uses normal household current. This fountain will take its place as a magnificent garden focal centerpiece in your garden and will be enjoyed for years to come.
Price: $1,149.40
Thinker By Rodin Sculpture On Black Base
Thinker by Rodin Statue on black base
The Thinker Statue by August Rodin makes a perfect gift, awards and throphies. The Thinker  is part of August Rodin's major work, gate to hell. This reproduction was made from the heroic size bronze original art at the Baltimore Museum of Art.
Price: $125.00
Angel Sitting on Memorial Bench Sculpture
Angel Sitting on Memorial Bench Sculpture
This wonderful memorial angel with dove sitting on bench, will make a serene tribute to a loved one. Bench has inscribed may you find comfort in the arms of an angel. Come in separate piece and we advise a adhesive and coating the angel with a sealant once a year to preserve finish. 
Price: $150.00
Leonidas King of Sparta Sculpture Large
Leonidas King of Sparta Statue Large Greek Warrior Spartan
Leonidas Spartan statue replica of the was a fifth century Spartan military king whose stand against the invading Persian army at the pass of Thermopylae in central Greece is one of the enduring tales of Greek heroism, invoked throughout Western history as the epitome of bravery exhibited against overwhelming odds.
Price: $249.00
Classical Praying Angel Statue
Classical Praying Angel Statue on Round Base
Purchase our classical praying angel for your garden memorial, or buy a pair to flank your entry way. This angel can make a wonderful finial for your post or entry way that needs that angelic touch. Made of durable resin and is great for outdoor use as well as your interior.
Price: $89.00
Nostalgic Golfer Set Man & Woman Sculptures
Nostalgic Golfer Set Man & Woman Cement Statues Golf
Here a set of man and woman golfers who love the game of golf, these large scale nostalgic golfers are monumental garden sculptures. Made of durable cast stone and comes with an array of color choices.
Price: $672.00
Set of Four Garden Monks Sculptures
Set of Four Garden Monks Statuary of Statues for your Yard
Just imagine this four monks sculptures amidst your flowers or makes a wonderful gift. On monk holds a beer glass, another book and bird and the last one hold a gardening shovel. Made of durable resin and finished with a old stone look.
Price: $132.00
Blessed Mother Mary Life-size on Pedestal
Blessed Mother Mary Life-size on Pedestal
Blessed Mother Mary Life-size With Pedestal - Mary stands with her arms stretched out blessing us as she stands over the serpent at her feet. Cast in quality Cast Stone by our artisans in the USA, our awe-inspiring seven-foot tall work is hand-painted with exquisite detail, a wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one or for your Memorial Garden.
Price: $2,009.60
The Kiss By August Rodin Marble Statue
Kiss by Rodin Marble Sculpture
The Kiss By August Rodin Statue is one of Rodin's most famous sculptures.  This wonderful sculpture is made of alabaster dust mixed with a durable binding compound, each detail is finished with care by the artisans of Italy's Egregia Workshop. Mounted on a solid alabaster base.
Price: $122.00