Cement and Concrete Statues, Sculptures, and Statuaries

APOLLO THE HUNTER LIFE-SIZE SCULPTUREUsed for both lawn and garden décor as well as within the home, concrete/cement statues and sculptures exist as a way to make less costly statues. Despite their low cost, concrete and cement mixtures can easily fill even the most delicate carvings. Of course, referring to a pieces as cement statues is not really an accurate description. Cement is actually just one component that is used to make concrete. It is the powdered substance made of burned lime and clay that mixes together with the sand, gravel, and water. When it dries, it hardens and becomes concrete. Consequently, we typically refer to cement statues as concrete statues.

Concrete works very well as a statue material because it is a hard, compact building material that still allows for a good level of detail at a very low cost.

Concrete statues are typically reserved for outdoor garden statues and fountains.