Two Giant Cranes Water Feature 89" High

Size: 53" Wide X 57" Deep X 89" High
Weight: 700 lbs
Casting Medium: Bronze/Brass
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: Please call for estimate
Availability: Please call for estimate
Shipping Cost: $489


The Two Bronze Over-sized Herons Sculptures resting on a rock among the reeds form a truly breathtaking fountain that is bound to captivate all who behold it. This extraordinary bronze fountain promises a lifetime of joy, bringing the grace and charm of these majestic birds to life in a natural and harmonious setting. Meticulously crafted using the lost-wax bronze casting method, the sculptures boast intricate detailing, showcasing the elegance of the herons in vivid realism. Whether gracing your garden, a park, or a public area, this fountain complements any outdoor space with its timeless beauty. The stunning multi-color patina finish adds depth and contrast, heightening the allure of this artistic masterpiece. For a more personalized touch, custom painted patina options are available at an additional cost. For pricing details and to own this enchanting piece of art, contact us and embark on a journey of beauty and wonder. May be in stock so please call us at 1-877-675-2634 for availability. Pump not included. We have some in stock please ask us for photos, for colors available.