Shotgun Weathervane Artwork

Size: 2.5" Wide X 44" Deep X 12" High
Weight: 17 lbs
Casting Medium: Metal
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: 1-2 weeks
Availability: In-Stock
Picture Finish: Polished
Shipping Cost: $38
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The Weathervane the enduring symbol of our dependence upon the wind and weather. Mankind has been testing the wind changes in weather and fortune for centuries. From raising a moistened finger to tossing blades of grass into the air, we have employed various methods for checking wind direction before embarking upon work or play. By definition the weathervane, or weathercock as it is also called, is a figure that turns freely on a vertical rod and by virtue of its design, always points into the wind. Stated another way, the wind always comes from the direction in which the weathervane points. Wherever people have settled, their reliance upon the weathervane has been as basic to them as grinding wheat for bread. The weathervane has always represented a simpler way of life, a life that is tied closely to nature. At the end of each day and with the dawning of the next, people have looked to the sky and studied the direction of their weather-vane. They have plowed and sown, reaped and stored, worked and played, trusting the good directions of the wind that drove their fate. Shogun Copper Weathervane These specially designed traditional and more contemporary copper weather vane sculptures are hand-crafted of solid copper and brass by skilled artisans with unmatched quality. (Copper Weathervane Includes copper figure, copper spacer balls, solid brass directional, and steel rod.) Mount not included. Assembled Size: 44” L x 30"H x 18"W - Figure-only: 44"L x 12"H x 2"W.

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