Robert E. Lee Bust 6" White

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Size: 3.5" Wide X 3" Deep X 6" High
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
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Robert E. Lee -(1807-1870) Confederate general, born in Stratford, VA. He trained at West Point, and in the Mexican War became chief engineer of the central army in Mexico (1846). He commanded the US Military Academy (1852--5), was a cavalry officer on the Texan border (1855--9), and in 1861 was made commander-in-chief of the Virginia forces. He was in charge of the defenses at Richmond, and defeated Federal forces in the Seven Days' Battles (1862). His strategy in opposing General Pope, his invasion of Maryland and Pennsylvania, and other achievements are central to the history of the war. In 1865, he surrendered his army to General Grant at Appomattox Courthouse. After the war, he became President of Washington College at Lexington. The son of a Revolutionary War hero, Robert E. Lee was a model cadet. So much so, in fact, that he was dubbed the Marble Statue for his nearly perfect record while at the academy. He was always ranked first or second in his class and never earned a single demerit during his four years at West Point. After serving with distinction in the Mexican-American War, he went on to distinction in his native Virginia.