Rattlesnake Bucking Bronco Bronze Statue on Marble Base by Remington

Size: 13"(w) x 9"(d) x 24"(h)
Weight: 18 lbs
Casting Medium: Bronze/Brass
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: 3 business days
Availability: In Stock
Picture Finish: As Shown
Shipping Cost: $28.95


The Rattlesnake Bucking Bronco Bronze Statue on Marble Base inspired Remington is a captivating and dynamic sculpture that captures the thrilling and challenging spirit of the American West. Inspired by the iconic artwork of Frederic Remington, this statue depicts a bucking bronco in a fierce struggle with a coiled rattlesnake. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, the bronze sculpture brings the action to life, showcasing the intense energy and power of both the bronco and the snake. The intricate textures of the bronze enhance the realism, capturing the muscular tension, fluid movement, and wild spirit of the scene. The bronze statue is mounted on a solid marble base, adding a touch of elegance and stability. The juxtaposition of the robust bronze artwork against the smooth, polished marble creates a visually striking contrast, further accentuating the artistic appeal of the piece. This sculpture is a homage to the ruggedness and resilience of the American West, where man and nature collide in a battle of wills. It embodies the spirit of the untamed frontier and symbolizes the challenges and triumphs that come with conquering the wild.