Pope John Paul II Statue Bronze

Size: 13" W x 25" D x 41" High
Casting Medium: Bronze/Brass
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: 3-6 months
Availability: Special Order Reserve Now


This is mid-sized statue made of bronze of Pope John the second mounted on a marble base. Pope John Paul II reigned as Pope of the Catholic Church from 1978 until his death in 2005. He was the second-longest serving Pope in history and the first non-Italian since 1523. He was acclaimed as one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century and was instrumental in ending communism in his native Poland and eventually all of Europe. This fine statue is crafted in the lost wax bronze. Maybe in stock so contact us for more information and delivery time. This maybe a special order for your Catholic Church. Wonderful for your outdoor meditative garden. 

Pope John Paul II, also known as Saint John Paul II, is recognized as a saint in the Catholic Church. He was canonized on April 27, 2014, by Pope Francis, who declared him a saint based on his exemplary life, holiness, and the miracles attributed to his intercession. Pope John Paul II is widely revered for his profound spirituality, leadership, and tireless efforts to promote peace, justice, and the Catholic faith throughout the world. His canonization as a saint is a testament to his significant impact on the Church and the global community. May be in stock so give us a call.