Nittany Lion Shrine Sculpture 36" W x 16" High

Size: 36" Wide X 13" Deep X 16" High
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: 2 business days
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Picture Finish: Sandstone
Shipping Cost: $46


The Nittany Lion as Penn State's mascot originated with Harrison D. Joe Mason in 1904. While attending a baseball game against Princeton, Mason and team members were shown a statue of Princeton's Bengal tiger as an indication of the merciless treatment they would encounter on the field. Since Penn State did not have a mascot, Mason replied with an instant fabrication of the Nittany Lion, fiercest beast of them all , that would overcome even the tiger!.The word Nittany meaning single mountain was in use since the 1700's and refers to the mountain overlooking what is today the community of State College and Penn State's University Park Campus. The mountain lion also known as a cougar, puma, or panther by Mason attaching the prefix Nittany to this beast, he gave Penn State a unique symbol that no other college or university could claim. The class of 1940 presented a gift of a Nittany Lion, sculpted by Heinz Warnekefrom a large block of Indiana limestone, to Penn State in 1942.This crouching, powerful figure is now the popular Nittany Lion Shrine located near the Recreation Building on the University Park campus. Plugged at base to allow for easy filling of gravel, stone or rock to provide extra weight. Comes with filling instructions of this hollow cast statue and how to care for your statuary. **Our artwork is inspired by traditional Southwest art but is not an Indian product or the product of a particular Indian tribe or organization.