Kiss by Gustav Klimt Art Glass Panel on Wood Display Base

Size: 8" W x 12" High
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Casting Medium: Mixed Material
Safe for Outdoor Use: No
Shipping Lead Time: 2 business days
Availability: In-Stock
Picture Finish: As shown
Shipping Cost: $15


This reproduction is made from art glass, guaranteed to never fade, wood frame. The timeless romance of Gustav Klimt's (Austrian, 1862-1918) beloved work The Kiss is reproduced in our brilliant stained glass panel. Klimt devoted much of his time to architectural decoration and considerably influenced the decorative arts in Austria. His paintings are large allegorical canvases which combine linear construction and rich colors, often a world of beautiful women and nudes against a bejeweled background. Many of Klimt's works incorporate flowery fields, geometric patterns and flat metallics to create a rich decorative surface. He then breaks the rich surface with a subject, bringing the focus in on intimate detail painted with delicate subtlety.