Hercules and Diomedes Marble Statue

SKU BER145-50
Size: 6.5 W x 6.5" D x 20" High
Weight: 15 lbs
Casting Medium: Bonded Alabaster
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
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Hercules and Diomedes Bonded Marble Statue By Vincenzo de’ Rossi (1525-1587), 1550, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. A Renaissance image celebrating the strength and beauty of the human form, this museum-quality sculpture depicts one of the twelve mythic labors of Hercules. The artist, a student of Michelangelo, was commissioned to sculpt the myth in which Hercules throws Diomedes to his own man-eating mares. Cast in bonded natural marble, each detail is finished with care. These wrestlers are replicated from the museum original in bonded alabaster marble and mounted to a alabaster base imported from Italy, this piece of sculptural art is a quality work sure to bring pride to any gallery.