Greek Woman Caryatid Life-Size Statue 72" High

SKU FHP1003-1-1-04
Size: 19" W X 14" D X 72" H
Weight: 60 lbs
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: 5-6 weeks
Availability: Made to Order
Picture Finish: Ochre Grey Wash
Shipping Cost: $164.5


Caryatid replica of this maiden is a rectangle surrounded by supporting columns was the customary shape of a Greek temples. In the carvings of each of the maidens, caryatids as they are architecturally called, he depicted a tranquil composure and a display of flowing grace through the sculpting of the deep folds of the body clinging garments. Each maiden differs slightly from the others. This item is available in 01-73-fossil, 00-01 unfinished, 02-02 ochre whitewash, 02-03 ochre grey wash please specify.