Greek Warrior From Riace Sculpture

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Size: 22" high
Casting Medium: Bonded Alabaster
Safe for Outdoor Use: No
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The Greek Warriors from Riace (5th century B.C.) An exclusive edition for Three hundred meters off the Calabrian coast near the village of Riace, a vacationing Italian scuba diver discerned with horror the outlines of a human body. A report was made on August 16,1972 to the superintendent of archaeological research for the area. The Italian national police were placed on guard. In a few days the statues were raised. Their discovery was one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of art treasures during this century. Here were two bronze statues of Greek warrior which experts date from that period of the fifth century B.C. in which Greek art reached its highest pinnacle of attainment - the Golden Age. This reproduction is made of bonded alabaster and specially finished and mounted to a wood base. This is one of the finest replica available and imported from Italy. These statues display the greatest achievements of Greek sculpturing.