Gnomes Statues with Christmas Gifts Guards

SKU FZR223506-7
Size: 27.56" High Each
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
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Picture Finish: As Shown
Shipping Cost: $120


Embrace the spirit of the holidays with our charming Gnomes Statues with Christmas Gifts Guards. Standing tall at 27.5 inches, these Santa Gnomes seamlessly blend tradition with modern trends. Crafted from high-quality magnesium, these statues are a testament to precision, featuring intricate carvings and hand-painted details. Whether you place them indoors or outdoors, they are ready to spread festive cheer. With an armful of gifts, these endearing gnomes are perfect for the holiday season. Their hollow yet sturdy construction makes them weather-resistant, ensuring they endure for seasons to come.

Decorate your space with these freestanding, eye-catching pieces, and relish the holiday magic they bring. Introducing our festive 27.5" Tall Hand Painted Santa Gnome Statues - "Nick" and "Kris." Nick, measuring 21.26" L x 13.39" W x 27.56" H, holds a bundle of gifts in his left hand and brings holiday cheer with his charming presence. Meanwhile, Kris, with dimensions of 22.05" L x 13.39" W x 27.56" H, carries his gifts in his right hand, exuding warmth and holiday spirit. These hand-painted gnome statues are perfect additions to your decor, spreading joy and festive vibes throughout your home or garden.