Forest Guardian Dragon Candleholder Celtic

SKU FPT15384
Size: 5" X 4" X 8.75" High
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
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Picture Finish: As Shown
Shipping Cost: $14


Forest Guardian Dragon Candleholder & Incense Burner Statue, a majestic fusion of mysticism and practicality. This captivating sculpture depicts a woodland dragon poised with both claws extended, ready to cradle your candles or incense. Adorned with intricate Celtic designs, the dragon exudes an aura of ancient wisdom and enchantment. Perched upon a rooted orb and surrounded by forest branches, its wings outstretched in vigilance, the dragon serves as a guardian of the mystical realm. Crafted with meticulous detail, this statue is both functional and decorative, adding a touch of magic to any space. Illuminate your surroundings and evoke the spirit of the forest with the Forest Guardian Statue.