Five Elephants Bronze Sculpture

SKU ZAF10429054
Size: 31"l X 12"d X 14"h
Casting Medium: Bronze/Brass
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: 2-4 months
Availability: Special Order
Picture Finish: Bronze
Shipping Cost: $38


The Five Elephants Running Bronze Statue encapsulates the majesty and power of these magnificent creatures in motion. Crafted with remarkable artistry, this sculpture depicts a captivating scene of five elephants in a dynamic and lifelike pose. The choice of bronze as the medium adds a sense of durability and sophistication, enhancing the intricate details of their forms. A symbol of strength, unity, and grace, this sculpture is a testament to the harmony of nature's wonders. This stunning masterpiece will undoubtedly command attention and admiration, making it a striking addition to any art collection or space. A family of 5 elephants cast of quality bronze, heavy duty and long lasting.  This statue is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, it will stand the test of time for generations to come. May be in stock and give us a call.