Dog Versus Cat Frieze

Size: 32" Wide X 12.5" High
Casting Medium: Bonded Stone
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: Discontinued
Picture Finish: Museum White
Shipping Cost: $34.5


Dog Versus Cat - (late 6th century) National Museum, Athens. This relief was one of three carved on the base of a statue of a Kouros. Highly amused spectators seem intensely concentrated on the action on the dog and cat pitted against one another. It is assumed that the contest was of a teasing rather than vicious nature since the animals are restrained by leashes. The relief together with its companion are of particular interest for their depiction of scenes from sixth century B.C. life in Athens and for the relaxed freedom of movement which would have been in noticeable contrast to the rigid 6th century stylization of the statue which the base supported.