Cupid & Psyche Sculpture Eros Or Love

Size: 11" W X 7" D X 12" H
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
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Picture Finish: Museum White
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Canova revived classical art in Italy. Schooled in Venice and active in Rome, he was the dominating figure in European art during his lifetime. This depiction of Eros reviving Psyche, who was put to sleep forever by inhaling a magic perfume, is as much an allusion to the legend of Psyche, the immortal soul of Platonic myth, as it is a hymn to love. This statue has been called any of these three names: Cupid and Psyche, Eros and Psyche or Love and Psyche, also known as The Tale of Amour and Psyche. This sculpture is made of a durable resin.