Celestine Angel Bronze Statue 18" High

Size: 9" Wide X 7" Depth X 18" High
Weight: 12 lbs
Casting Medium: Bronze/Brass
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: 1-2 weeks
Availability: In-Stock
Picture Finish: Verdi
Shipping Cost: $40.5


Our Celestine Angel is cast with the traditional lost wax bronze method. This bronze sculpture artistically captures the beauty and grace of this heavenly angel, and is reminiscent of the finest, European-style garden art. This heavyweight bronze sculpture, finished with a antique verdigris patina, is cast one piece at a time in the traditional lost wax method, which highlights the exceptionally fine detail of her feathery wings and folded gown. Sure to be a focal point, this heirloom-quality bronze sculpture is set atop a solid marble base for display in home or garden. Base is 5 1/2" square. Verdi green does vary its not such a bright green.