Capitoline Wolf Bronze Statue of Romulus and Remus

Size: 23" Wide X 9" Deep X 14" High
Weight: 50 lbs
Casting Medium: Bronze/Brass
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: 1-2 weeks
Availability: In Stock
Picture Finish: Bronze
Shipping Cost: $114


This large-scale reproduction of the Capitoline Wolf with Romulus and Remus. Our sculpture is a reproduction of the Etruscan art that stands in the Palazzo dei Conservatori on Capitoline Hill in Rome, Italy.  This sculpture is shown with an optional granite base so please call when ordering. The Capitoline Wolf with Romulus and Remus is an iconic large bronze statue that holds significant historical and cultural importance. Depicting the legendary she-wolf from Roman mythology, the sculpture captures the moment she nurses the twin brothers, Romulus and Remus. According to the legend, the abandoned twins were saved and nurtured by the she-wolf before being discovered and raised by a shepherd. Romulus later went on to found the city of Rome, and the statue symbolizes the city's legendary origins. The attention to detail in this bronze artwork showcases the wolf's protective stance and the tender embrace of the infants. The statue is not only an exceptional artistic creation but also a profound representation of Rome's ancient history and its mythical foundation.