Bather By Falconet 26" High Sculpture

Size: 8" Wide X 8" Deep X 26" High
Weight: 34 lbs
Casting Medium: Bonded Marble
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: 1-2 weeks
Availability: In-Stock
Picture Finish: Carrara Marble


Bather By Falconet 26" High Sculpture - This is a beautiful statue of La Baigneuse, The Bather by Falconet. The Bather Statue by Falconet is his interpretation of Venus in the Hellenistic style preparing for her ritual bath. However, it is thought the real model for this statue was probably Mademoiselle Mistouflet, a close associate or mistress of Falconet. The lines and movement of this statue is very sensual and alluring. Venus was an very popular subject for sculpting or painting in the eighteenth century in France. This statue of the bather is associated with Venus by the seashell on the base. However, there is a hint of a pretty eighteenth century woman which seems to reflect Falconet's ideal of grace and refined movement of in this statue of the bather. Notice the narrow neck band of the chemise and the neatly arranged coiffure, the fashions of that period. This statue of la Baigneuse is not only beautiful but provocative.