Bacchus Wine God Architectural Plaque

SKU FLB86026
Size: 20" W X 7" D X 23" H
Weight: 8 lbs
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Shipping Lead Time: 2-3 weeks
Availability: Made to Order
Picture Finish: Moss
Shipping Cost: $27.5
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Bacchus Wine God Architectural Plaque is an excellent wine accessory for your wine gallery or cellar. Bacchus is the name used by the Romans for the god of wine, Dionysus. The Romans say he was the son of Jupiter and Semele. Bacchus represents the social influence and gaiety of dance and play, a true lover of peace. Not just the intoxicating power of wine. The name Bacchus came into use in ancient Rome during the 5th century BC. It refers to the cries with which he was worshiped at the Bacchanalia, frenetic celebrations in his honor. Bacchus discovered the culture of the vine and the mode of extracting its precious juice. The goddess Rhea taught Bacchus, the god of wine, how to show the people the cultivation of the vine. This wall plaque of Bacchus is ready to hang indoors and out. Bacchus was the Roman god of agriculture and wine, similar to the Greek Dionysus. He was the last god to join the twelve Olympians; Hestia gave up her seat for him. His plants were vines and twirling ivy. He often carried a pine-cone-topped staff, and his followers were goat-footed Satyrs and Maenads, wild women who danced energetically during his festivals.

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