Apollo Diana Venus & Hermes God Series

SKU BER41-42-43-44
Size: 13" High each
Casting Medium: Bonded Alabaster
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
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Picture Finish: Carrara White
Shipping Cost: $49.5


Apollo Diana Hermes & Venus Bust Set Of 4 13" High - This is a set of four of our favorite busts of Gods and Goddess. Diana of the Hunt bust, Apollo of the Hunt bust, Hermes the Messenger bust and Venus the Goddess of Beauty Bust. This group of antiquity bust are seemingly straight from the studio of a Renaissance master, these three scaled sculptural busts portraying Greek and Roman Women and Men of the ancient world are classic renditions. Whether displayed individually or set amidst other collections, these classic statues will speak to your love of both art and history. Created in quality bonded Alabaster and mounted to a genuine alabaster base, they represent timeless style and history. This bust collection is composed of alabaster dust mixed with a durable binding compound, each detail is finished with care by the artisans of Italy's Egregia Workshop. Mounted on a solid alabaster base.This base may vary in color since it is a natural stone. These sculptures are imported from Italy. Each Sculptural Portrait bust is of the finest quality material and detail. Find ones of Statue.com classical pedestals for each one or you may have that perfect display case.