Alluring Carve Cream Round Ceiling Medallion

SKU FAF12014622
Size: 72" x 3" x 72"
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
Safe for Outdoor Use: No
Shipping Lead Time: 1-2 weeks
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Cost: $368


Hot and New. Introducing The Alluring Carved Cream Round Ceiling Medallion 72 Inch Diameter from Masterpiece Molding. It is an exclusive and fresh new offering in the market, designed to elevate Today's most fashionable living spaces with alluring beauty. Hand Finished in a beautiful yet subtlety contrasted finish in cream and ecru tones which also, but only if desired could be customized by painting. This versatile design would be appropriate in a trendy transitional home setting as well as being able to bring a more current flair to a beautiful classic traditional home. This 3 dimensional ceiling will add beauty for the owner to enjoy as well as value to your property investment. Prior to Masterpiece Moldings creation of this series, the only way to have had an advanced ceiling with this level of design would have been a very expensive addition and an owner willing to take on an elaborate installation project, requiring carpenters, finishers, and in some instances even artists. One of the best parts about this item is that installation could not have been made easier, as the outer ring is created with intermittent spaces designed specifically as the locations needed for installing the simple hollow wall anchors, matching decorative caps are provided that will cover the screw heads of your anchors and when applied will offer a complete professional looking install. The item comes fully finished out of the package and is created using lightweight, durable polystyrene. The newest and best solution in the market for adding architectural detail to a plain ceiling which also adds a crowning elegance to a Chandelier Installation. The overall measurements are 72 x 3 x 72 Hollow wall anchors are not provide.