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UnicornStatue.com is proud to offer a nice selection of Unicorn statues in our gallery of Unicorn and Pegasus statues.

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These mythical creatures stem from the ancient Greek mythology when the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus played a significant factor in determining each man’s journey through life. Pegasus, the winged horse, was conceived by the Greek god Poseidon (god of the sea) and Medusa (the caretaker of Athena’s temple). Once overwhelming with beauty, she was transformed into a horrible monster with serpents for hair and a face so gruesome that the sight of it turned any living creature to stone. Legend has it that Perseus, the mortal son of Zeus, beheaded Medusa and the winged horse sprang forth from her pregnant body.

The Greek Hero Bellerophon eventually tamed Pegasus by using a golden bridle given to him by Athena. He was able to calm the horse and use it to conquer Chimera, the dreaded three-headed beast that was part lion, goat and serpent. His story comes to an end though as his arrogance lead Bellerophon to try to ride Pegasus "up to the heavens." Legend follows that Zeus got upset and sent a bolt of lightning that threw Bellerophon to the ground. It is believed that Zeus then welcomed Pegasus to reside in Mount Olympus.

Statue.com is proud to offer a nice selection of Pegasus statues in our gallery of unicorn and Pegasus statues.

Another mythical horse was the Unicorn. These creatures had the body and head of a horse with a single large horn stemming from its head. Constantly sought for the supposed magical powers of its horn, Unicorns were not easily captured. They were gifted quick, graceful movements and sureness of foot.

A unicorn’s demeanor possessed that of a kind creature with a gentle spirit and this was used against them. Hunters conceived that the only way to capture a unicorn was through the use of an innocent maiden. The creature was drawn by the purity of the maiden and trustingly lay its head in her lap. Using this method hunters soon became responsible for the extinction of this beautiful and magical creature.