Frog, Toad, and Turtle Statues and Sculptures

Garden Toad Shop our selection of Toad and Frog Statues.

What better way to liven up your garden than with toad or frog statues from Whether promoting beer or hosting a show of Muppets, frogs have established themselves as cool with many age groups.

From an education perspective frogs are part of the amphibian family. They are believed to be the first vertebrate to leave the water and live on land and can be found just about anywhere in the world except for the frozen tundra of Antarctica. The toad is actually very different from the frog. It is true that both are amphibians, but frogs are moist and slimy jumpers while toads are dry, wart covered walkers.

For decorating your garden, statues of either will suffice and is proud to offer an extensive selection. Our toad and frog statues exist in about every size, style and price range. We also have a large line of frog fountains, rain gauges, thermometers, hose bowls and downspout covers. In essence, everything the frog lover will ever want to find is available in our gallery of toad and frog statues.