Stone Statues and Sculptures

Dating back to the dawn of man, stones had many different uses in everyday society. They were used to build walls to keep intruders away, as weapons, and as burial reminders. As man evolved, he began to see that he could carve stone into images or shapes with the use of a chisel type tool.

Many different types of stone are used in creating statues and sculptures. Examples include marble, limestone, and rock. Sculptors, however, have created stone substitutes in order to make manufacturing statues a quicker and more accurate process.

Tuffstone™ is the highest quality casting plaster available and by far the preferred casting medium for plaster statues. The primary characteristics that separate Tuffstone™ from other plaster products are its great durability and reduced chalkiness. While it comes standard in a classic white, there are often choices for other finishes for these Tuffstone™ pieces. Like other plaster castings, however, these statues are not suited for outdoor use.

Durastone™ has very similar characteristics to Tuffstone™, in that it provides superior quality in casting and excellent durability. is proud to offer an extensive selection of stone statues and sculptures. For the most part, these stone works are scattered around in our various galleries.