Stone Gargoyle Statues and Sculptures

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Haunting the medieval buildings of Western Europe, gargoyle statues are often seen peering down from churches, cathedrals, houses and town halls. These artistic projections are carved of stone in the form of people, animals, or fantastic beasts and mark rooflines, corners, and buttresses to enhance the picturesque quality of a building. When the sky is clear, gargoyles may glow from the towers - but don’t stand below them on rainy days! The true gargoyle functions as a water spout that medieval artisans transformed into functional fantasies. With routes stemming back to the Greek architects, the idea was to place terra cotta or marble lion heads on the roof cornice to divert the water away to the street.

Another widely accepted belief is that the Gargoyle serves as a protector that wards off any evil spirits that may attempt to corrupt a castle, church, or building. Some gargoyles were used for religious instruction, but most were simply grotesque figurines. Modern day Gargoyles have adopted many other uses such as Gothic ornaments, icons of mythology, cartoon heroes. offers a large selection of gargoyle statues and sculptures that are created by world-renowned studios such as Henri Studio. Please browse our gargoyle gallery to find which gargoyle statues or sculptures fit your tastes. We also have gargoyle sculptures that double as fountains, bird baths, clock, candleholders, and incense holders.