Lifelike Nude Statues and Erotic Sculpture

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Popularized by the ancient Greeks more than two thousand years ago, lifelike nude statues remain a very popular choice for decorating home or garden. Aside from their innate beauty, these statues can be used as a symbol of your love or affection towards another.

While you will find numerous Greek and Roman nude statues like Venus and David in our Classical Gallery, you may also want to consider pieces by Auguste Rodin. Recognized as the greatest sculptor of the 19th Century, Rodin’s erotic sculpture combines the classical look of Michelangelo with a powerful sensual feeling unmatched by any other artist. offers reproductions of his erotic sculpture like The Kiss and Eternal Idol in the Gallery dedicated to Auguste Rodin’s work.

For a more modern look, we are proud to feature Egregia’s line of erotic nude sculpture. Cast in marble, these statues have a very updated and seductive look while still maintaining the elegance of classical Greek sculpture.

You may also want to browse our Life Size Sculptures and Figurine Galleries for other nude statues.

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