Lion Statues

LION SITTING 29"HIGH is proud to offer a nice selection of tiger statues as well as panthers, cheetahs, and others in our Lion and Wildcats Gallery.

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Lion statues are the perfect décor for protecting a home or garden. Crowned “King of the Jungle” because of their strength, power and fearlessness, Lions have ruled the plains of Africa and maintained balance throughout the animal kingdom for centuries. Of course, for all their popularity, the male lion is actually more of a figure head. In fact, reinforcing the old saying that a male is “only as strong as the female behind him”, lionesses perform most of the hunting within the lion’s pride. Still, with its regal mane and muscular body, the lion continues to signify strength and power more than any other animal.

Lion garden statues represent the largest segment of this collection. Many people choose to flank a driveway or an entry way to a garden with these classical pieces. As such carries numerous sizes, styles, and materials to meet everyone’s need. There are also unique lion gargoyle pieces, lion bookends, and a large selection of wall plaques.

Tiger statues are another popular item in the Lion and Wildcats gallery. Evolving from a species called the miacids that were living around 60 millions years ago with the dinosaurs, today’s tiger is a direct descendent of the cat family. There are several common misconceptions that tigers are related to the Saber-Toothed Tiger and that tigers come from Africa. In fact, tigers originally resided in Eastern Asia.

Today only about 6,000 wild tigers live in Asia, including India, Southeastern Russia, China, and Indochina. Typically, wild tigers gorge themselves on fresh kills, and can eat as much as 40 pounds of meat at one time. Perhaps, because of this, the tiger species is actually larger than the lion. And unlike many of its relatives in the cat family, tigers enjoy the water and spend plenty of time cooling themselves in small pools.