Greek God and Goddess Statues

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The prominence of Greek Goddess Statues and other works of art dedicated to Greek Gods is explained by the fact that a great deal of Greek art was intended to thank the Gods for people’s good fortune. These statues were reflections of Greek life. The sculpture tended to humanize these myths and provide a symbol for mans purpose in life.

Hebe the Goddess of Youth (shown here) by Bertel Thorwaldsen (1768-1844) and can be seen at the Thorwaldsen Museum in Copenhagen. He was hailed the successor to Canova, Thorwaldsen was renowned for the renderings of mythological figures. Hebe, the official cup bearer of the Olympian gods, personified the eternal beauty of youth. Her powers of rejuvenation were believed to restore one's youth. Her likeness can be found in the garden and grand hallway of the finest estates of Europe.

The most popular Goddess to sculpt was Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and beauty. Unfortunately, most of the Greek statues did not survive so the works of today are typically replicas of the Roman’s Goddess of love Venus. is proud to offer an extensive selection of statue reproductions dedicated to Greek Gods and Goddesses. You will find plenty of statues depicting the famous labors of Hercules and numerous busts in our Greek and Roman bust collection. The largest group of Greek God & Goddess statues will be in our Classical Statue Gallery, but you will also find many in the Galleries of Figurines and Life Size sculptures.