Garden Bells


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There are many statues and fountains at that can serve as a signature piece for your garden. However, none may be as unique as a garden bell or garden gong. Garden bells are symbols of tranquility in any landscape or setting. They are the perfect accent to your landscape by promoting soothing sounds in the gentle breezes. Genuine cast iron bells, naturally aged to a rusty patina, resonate with deep, rich overtones when struck. Their haunting sounds punctuate, then amplify the serenity of nature, designating special moments and scared places. Some even come with a small basin sculpted into their base to capture water and act as a miniature reflecting pool or birdbath.’s online gallery of garden bells and gongs offers many styles to compliment the layout of your lawn and landscape. Whether your taste calls for a slender quaint bell or a large conversation piece in your yard, the garden bells from are sure to accommodate your needs.