Ancient Egyptian Statues and other Egyptian Decor

EGYPTIAN GODDESS BASTET STATUEShop our Gallery of Egyptian Statues and Egyptian Décor.

Since ancient Egyptian Statues were often painted in very vivid colors, replicas of these items and other Egyptian Décor have become very popular in the world of interior decorating.

Unlike the Greeks and Romans who strove to create realistic statues that embodied human movement, the Egyptians had a style that was much more formal and stiff in nature. They purposely did not strive for realistic depiction, but rather the creation of a powerful image.

Most Egyptian sculptures are religious in nature as the ancient Egyptians believed that a person’s soul would live on after death if the body was preserved and a statue was created. As such, statues were created for the Pharaoh and other high-ranking government officials. These pieces were very symbolic in nature and often conveyed a feeling of limitless power.

Most Egyptian sculptures can be characterized as being cubic and frontal. By cubic, we mean that Egyptian Statues typically echoed the shape and form of the stone block from which they were carved. The front of the statue was also the main focal point of every statue and nearly every piece has its subject facing directly forward.

In essence, Egyptian Statues have a very unique look that makeEgyptian Décor an interesting choice for livening up a room. In our Egyptian décor gallery you will find everything you need for decorating your home or office. Examples include numerous depictions of the ancient Egyptian Gods Anubis and Bastet as well as the Sacred Triad: Horis, Osiris, and Isis. There are also creative storage pieces made from Egyptian burial items like the Canopic Jar and Sarcophagus.

If busts are more to your liking, you will find a number of them including the ever popular Queen Nefertiti (link to nefertiti-bust.html) and King Tut. We also have numerous replicas of the well known Sphinx.