Dolphin Statues and Fountains

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An extremely smart and friendly ocean creature, the dolphin has amazed people for years with its highflying acrobatics, water-skipping tricks, and cuddly, loving antics. They love to bounce in the wake of ships and boats and are possibly the most outgoing and friendly of all sea animals.

While dolphins are predators that can often look like shark from afar, their primary delicacy consists of fish like herring, mackerel, and sardines. Their food consumption is estimated at about 66 pounds a day for an adult dolphin weighing since they burn so much energy bounding, playing, and feeding.

Their intelligence and friendly playful demeanor has made dolphins a popular subject matter for statues and other forms of art. Their aquatic nature and beauty have made them the perfect subject for a number of fountains and estate sized statues that you can view in our dolphin and seal gallery.