Bronze Fountains and Fountain Tops

Double Dolphin Water FeatureView our entire selection of Bronze Fountains and statues.

The permanence of bronze is unsurpassed in medium choices for statuary.

Perhaps the timeless elegance of bronze fits your tastes for statuary and water features enhancing your formal garden, atrium or conservatory. Imagine statuesque figures of antiquity, gracefully pouring never-ending streams from classical vessels. Or even a bit of whimsy can be found in our gallery of piped bronze accents for a water garden, if your preferences stray a bit from the classics.

Fanciful mermaids, gracefully leaping dolphins, funny spitting frogs, giant tortoises, lovely urn-bearing maidens, or even a mischievous little boy in a fireman's helmet, there is likely something among the collection in's Fountain Tops and Piped Statuary gallery to complement your theme.

Whether you need a complete, self-contained fountain, or bronzed statuary piped for use in a pool or pond, we have many choices to offer.

Some of our most elegant fountains are housed in our Gallery of Bronze Fountains. These bronze fountains are extremely durable and maintain a beautiful look for years and years. Their elegance certainly makes them the signature piece of any garden or room.

For those seeking the look of a bronze fountain without the price tag, you may wish to browse around some of our other fountain galleries. We have a large selection of fountains made form a designer resin that has the appearance of bronze at a significantly lower price.