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Custom Statues and Repairs
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At Your Service Sculpture and Statues  the Art of Entertaining
Shop our Service Sculptures and At Your Service Statues for Sale. Comical characters ever willing to lend a hand add humor to the art of entertaining. Many of our statues are cast in resin and hand finished in full color, these sculptural comedians will offer years of loyal service. These sculptural characters will post the daily menu specials, the headliner for the evening's entertainment, or any announcement you care to publish to passersby. These spirited statues make the mundane task of holding a wine bottle into a work of art. Offering the service of storage or display, these sculptural employees handle the job in style. Put them to work for you holding pool cues in the billiard room or CDs by the entertainment center. Perhaps not the typical "job of choice" but these dutiful servants never complain. Your guests will be in for a chuckle when they visit the facilities and discover the sculpted "hired help"!
Jeeves The Butler Sculpture Jeeves The Butler
18" Wide X 15" Deep X 70" High
Price: $1,410.00
Anubis Life-Size Guardian Statue Grand Scale Servant Anubis Life-Size Guardian Statue
72" High
Price: $1,399.00
Egyptian Guardian Life-Size Sculpture Grand Scale Statuary Egyptian Guardian Life-Size Statue
72" High
Price: $1,399.00
King Tutankhamen King Tutankhamen's Egyptian Throne Chair
Price: $1,395.00
tfcnst5340.jpg Cook With Menu Board
24" W X 38" D X 68" H
Price: $1,198.00
Baker With Menu Chalk Board Life-Size Sculpture for Kitchen Baker With Menu Board Life-Size - 6' Statue
42" W X 30" D X 74" H
Price: $1,050.00
twaa46636.jpg Pedestal Bar
16" Wide X16" Deep X 42" High
Price: $662.50
Dolphin Duet Statue with Blue-tooth Speaker Dolphin Duet Sculpture with Blue-tooth Speaker
35"H 16.5"W 11.5"D
Price: $635.00
Birds and Branch Table with Blue-tooth Speaker Sculpture Birds and Branch Table with Blue-tooth Speaker
26"H 22"W 22"D
Price: $480.00
tfcnst5200.jpg Bordello Lady Butler or Table
19" W X 19" D X 36" H
Price: $450.00
tfcnst5060.jpg Crocodile Butler
20" W X 20" D X 39" H
Price: $450.00
tfcnst5030.jpg Parrot Butler
27" W X 18" D X 36" H
Price: $450.00
Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table
33" L
Price: $425.00
tfcnst5090.jpg Sharky Butler
28" W X 23" D X 35" H
Price: $405.00
Boxer Butler With Tray Sculpture Boxer Butler With Tray
25" W X 15.5" D X 39'' H
Price: $405.00
tZSP33528.jpg Pinecone Coat Rack
68"H 19.5"W 19.5"D
Price: $397.50
Pharaohs Kneeling Nubian Servant Table or Serving Tray Pharaoh's Kneeling Nubian Servant Table Artwork
Price: $396.00
tZSP33684.jpg Lovebird Coat Rack
72"H 20.5"W 21.5"D
Price: $390.00
Chameleon Fairy Decorative Table with Glass Top Chameleon Fairy Table
23" High
Price: $389.95
Field of Dreams Fairy Table Statue with Butterflies Field of Dreams Fairy Table Sculpture
23" L
Price: $389.00
Results 1-20 of 43123
Sort by NameSort by Price