The Kiss By Rodin Bronze Statue Finish 9" High

The Kiss By Rodin Sculpture Bronze Finish - Based on the couple from Dante's 'Inferno'. Auguste Rodin was a artist in between Romanticism and Impressionism this self-willed Frenchman created some of the most famous pieces known in the art of sculpting. He was very talented at conveying feeling in his compositions by emphasizing gesture. Also, his rough surface texture with deep hollows added strong shadows and naturalism to the human form. Rodin's goal, as he put it, was to render inner feelings through muscular movement. He achieved this aim by joining his profound knowledge of anatomy and movement with special attention to the body's surfaces, saying, The sculptor must learn to reproduce the surface, which means all that vibrates on the surface, soul, love, passion, life...Sculpture is thus the art of hollows and mounds, not of smoothness, or even polished planes.

Product Code: FTARO11
Size: 5.75" W X 5.5"d X 9" High
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Picture Finish: As Shown
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