Gray Tabby Cottage Garden Accessory

We have created this Gray Tabby Cottage garden sculpture with the spirit of the old world cottage is shown in its purest form in this handcrafted, durable garden accessories. Tabby called the coastal concrete was a popular building material with early settlers along the southern coast of the U.S. Having no natural stone or soil appropriate for brick making, these industrious residents used available oyster shell and sand to create beautiful and durable structures that stand today. All the Collectible Cottages have removable roofs, making them fun to use as lanterns, key keeps or a repository for small garden tools.

Product Code: CBF544
Size: 9" W X 14.5" L X 10" H
Casting Medium: Cast Stone
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Picture Finish: As Shown
Time to Ship: 3-4 weeks
Availability: Made to Order
Shipping and Handling: 34.95
Shipping Weight:

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Price: $312.50