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Eleganza Collection
Shop the statuary of the Eleganza Collection of sculpture and statue. The elegance of statuary has been a part of Europe since antiquity. The ancient Greeks created sculptural works with a beauty that has never been surpassed. Recently has purchased this collection and continue today to reproduce this historical collection of Eleganza sculptures. Eleganza was founded in 1979. It has been Eleganza's dedication to provide the finest sculpture reproductions possible. The Eleganza Galleriy is dedicated to beautification through the highest quality fine art sculpture and reproductions.
Plato Bust Statue Plato Bust Statue 10.25" High
10.25" High
Price: $182.00
Homer Bust Head Sculpture Homer Bust Statue 10" High
10" High
Price: $182.00
Abraham Lincoln Bust Bronze Abraham Lincoln Bust 11" High
8.5" Wide X 4.5" Deep X 11" High
Price: $182.00
Albert Einstein Bust Statue Portrait physicist relativity theory Albert Einstein Bust Sculpture
10.5" High
Price: $182.00
Youth From Marathon Bust Sculpture Youth From Marathon Bust 10" High
10" High
Price: $182.00
Socrates Bust Statue Made in the USA Socrates Bust 10.75" High Sculpture
10.75" High
Price: $189.00
Bust of Composer Richard Wagner Master Of The Ring - Richard Wagner Bust
5" Wide X 5" Deep X 8.5" High
Price: $189.00
Water Nymphs Friezes Les Naiades Jean Goujon Water Nymphs Friezes set of three by Jean Goujon
3.75" Wide X 10.75" High Each Panel
Price: $191.00
Lincoln-Bust-Sculpture-Eleganza.jpg Abraham Lincoln Bust 12 3/4" High
7 1/4" W X 6 1/8" D X 12 3/4" H
Price: $192.00
Statue of Louise Brogniart By Houdon Louise Brogniart By Houdon
10.5" High
Price: $198.00
Sculpture of Alexander Brogniart  By Houdon Alexander Brogniart By Houdon
Price: $198.00
Psyche Bust Portrait Statue Eleganza Statuary Psyche Bust 10.5" high
10.5" High
Price: $198.00
Moliere Bust Sculpture Moliere Bust 12" High
7" x6"x 12" High
Price: $198.00
La Pensee Bust by Rodin La Pensee : Camille Claudel By Rodin
10.25" High
Price: $198.00
Charles Darwin Bust Statue scientist Portrait head theory evolution Charles Darwin Bust Statue
11" High
Price: $198.00
Aristotle Bust philosopher Sculpture Aristotle Sculptural Bust Sculpture
9" W x 9.5 X x 14" High
Price: $198.00
Thomas-Jefferson-Bust-Statue.jpg Thomas Jefferson Bust
10" W x 6.5 x 14"high
Price: $198.00
Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor Bust Statue Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor Bust Statue
10" High
Price: $198.00
Amorgos Head sculpture copies the Cycladic Amorgos Head Cycladic Style Of Artistry
14" High
Price: $204.00
 Benjamin Franklin Bust  Benjamin Franklin Bust 12.75" H Statue
Price: $210.00
Results 21-40 of 101123456
Sort by NameSort by Price