Anubis Jeweled Box Pewter

Anubis Jeweled Box Pewter decorative sculpture. Anubis was embodied in the jackal, or wild dog, that the Egyptians often saw scavenging in cemeteries and was associated with the dead. He was depicted as a black jackal-like creature, or as a man with a jackals head. Early on in Egyptian history, before Osiris rose to prominence, Anubis was the great funerary god, lord and guardian of the necropolis. Prayers for the dead were addressed to him. He carried out the first mummification of the body of Osiris, and therefore became patron-god of embalmers. It was Anubis who guided the dead on the paths of the Underworld. If you love the art of Egypt this is a wonderful collectible.

Product Code: FPT3561
Size: 2.5" Wide X 1.5" Deep X 2 3/4" High
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
Safe for Outdoor Use: No
Picture Finish: As Shown
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