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Cats and Kittens
Shop at offers a vast assortment of cat statues from lifelike reproductions of domestic pets like Calico, Black, White, or Siamese, to stylized felines sculpted with contemporary finesse. If your looking for a whimsical cat to the most realistic or breed of cat sculptures you are in the right gallery for perfect cat statue for any purpose. Because of the value of the cat’s services, the Egyptians regarded these animals to a god-like status. The domestic cat of today was a descendent of the Egyptian’s cats. Part of our cat collection pays homage to these founding fathers with a nice selection of Egyptian Bastets.
Alexandria Shelf Sitting Cat Sculpture Alexandria Shelf Sleeping Cat Sculpture
7" W X 3" D X 5" H
Price: $38.00
Angel With Kitten Statue Garden Cat Memorial Angel With Kitten Sculpture
9.25" W X 8.5" D X 15.75" H
Price: $84.50
Backyard Explorer Cat Plaque wall decor Backyard Explorer Cat Plaque
5.25" W X 1.25" D X 9" H
Price: $44.00
Figurine of Bastet Cat Ceramic Canopic Jar Egyptian Bastet Cat Ceramic Canopic Jar Egyptian
9.5" High
Price: $53.00
Egyptian Bastet Cat Casting Large Goddess Bastet Egytian Cat Statue 24" High
12x17x24" High
Price: $216.00
Bastet Jeweled Sculptural Box Egyptian Gift Bastet Jeweled Box
2.5" High
Price: $35.95
Bird Watching Cat Sculpture Bird Watching Cat Sculpture
6" Wide X 10" Deep X 13: High
Price: $88.00
Bird house on Branch with Cat Garden Statue Metal Bird house on Branch with Cat Garden Sculpture
38.5"H 20.5"w 16"D
Price: $560.00
Black Cat On A Witches Broom Statue Halloween Sculpture Black Cat On A Witch's Broom Statue
Price: $65.95
Bird Feeder wall Plaque made of stone Can't Catch Em Café Birdfeeder
5.75" W X 4.75" D X 11.5" H
Price: $54.00
Whimsical Cat Bird Feeder Statue Cat Bird Feeder Sculpture
11" Tall
Price: $79.95
Cat Birdbath Contemporary Sculpture By Carruth Cat Birdbath Sculpture By Carruth
11.5" W X 2.5" D X 11.5" H
Price: $96.00
Cat Birdhouse House Statue by artist Frederic Levesque Cat Birdhouse House Sculpture by artist Frederic Levesque
Price: $46.95
Cat Boot-brush Statue Cement Garden Decorative Art Cat Boot Brush Sculpture
9" Wide X 18" Deep X 6" High
Price: $84.00
Cat Face Bust Sculpture Cast Stone Outdoor Garden Cat Face Bust Statue
6.5" W 4.5" L x 7" High
Price: $48.00
Cat Fairy Feline Plaque Wall Sculpture Cat Fairy Feline Plaque Wall Sculpture
8.5" W X 1.75" D X 5.25" H
Price: $44.00
Cat Gargoyle Sitter Topper Sculpture Cat Gargoyle Pc Topper Sculpture
4 1/5 " High
Price: $26.95
Cat Licking On Paw decor Cat Sculpture Home or Garden Cat Licking On Paw - Cat Sculpture
10" W X 10" Dx 15" H
Price: $126.00
Cat Licking Paw Statue made of cement Cat Licking Paw Sculpture 15" High
8" Wide X 12.5" Deep X 15" High
Price: $88.00
Cat Memorial Crouching Statue Holds Ashes Brass Plaque Cat Memorial Crouching Statue Holds Ashes
7 " W X 13" D X 9" H
Price: $165.63
Results 1-20 of 9212345
Sort by NameSort by Price