Angel Candlestick Statue by Michelangelo

Michelangelo's Kneeling Angel replica with Candlestick Statue (1494-95).Originally sculpted by Renaissance master artist Michelangelo, this angel statue is truly magnificent! From the draped folds to the powerful swell of the wings, a more graceful composition of a kneeling angel doesn't exist. Sculpted by Michelangelo at the beginning of his career, he adapted the style of master artist Jacopo della Quercia's great portal in the Basilica of San Petronio.  When placed as a sentinel at your doorway, fireplace or garden path, this wonderful, three-foot-tall angel statue will be admired for every Renaissance-era sculptural detail. Cast in quality designer resin, our boasts a weathered stone finish. This item is crafted of durable resin and may be displayed outdoors with the following care: Painted items will benefit from a coat of clear acrylic spray paint to slow fading from sun exposure. Avoid direct exposure to freezing winter weather.

Product Code: FDTNE80090
Size: 20"wx22"dx36"h
Casting Medium: Designer Resin
Safe for Outdoor Use: Yes
Picture Finish: Antique Stone
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